Introducing book patrol TV

Welcome to book patrol TV a new weekly one hour video feast of book goodness. Culled from the mountains of book themed videos permeating the internet bpTV aims to present the viewer with a wide range of material from all corners of the book world. Content will feature both new and older material and include book trailers, animations, readings, commercials, movie scenes, how to videos and book-themed exhibitions. Episodes can be dedicated to a sole one hour clip or it can be a compilation of videos from across the book spectrum.

Episode 1 is one such compilation featuring 16 videos.

In the future we hope to add original programing as well.

So sit back and enjoy episode 1 in its entirety above or by the individual segments below. Thanks for watching!

book patrol TV: episode 1
  1.   Thumbnail 12:32 BOOK OF HOURS: A wordless novel told in 99 wood engravings
  2.   Thumbnail 6:59 Typography | Off Book | PBS
  3.   Thumbnail 5:10A look at Xu Bing’s Book From the Sky from “Shu: Reinventing Books in Contemporary Chinese Art” the seminal 2007 exhibition at the Seattle Asian Art Museum
  4.   Thumbnail 0:58  Jay Z Book of Rhymes from Bill Maher 
  5.   Thumbnail 10:47  Printing a Book, Old School
  6.   Thumbnail 0:43 Reading a Book
  7.   Thumbnail 2:38New York’s Street Booksellers
  8.   Thumbnail 1:53 Literature gets a ride in the streets of Buenos Aires
  9.   Thumbnail 1:00 Commercial – Qatar Foundation 2010
  10.   Thumbnail 3:03  The Espresso Book Machine
  11.   Thumbnail 2:23  Worst. Book Burning. Ever.  
  12.   Thumbnail 3:25  big sleep. bogey gets wet
  13.   Thumbnail 1:49  本琴 BOOK XYLOPHONE
  14.   Thumbnail 1:13 Walking in War & Peace- I took this one myself
  15.   Thumbnail 3:08  Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, The House of …
  16.   Thumbnail 2:45  Religious nuts in Texas seek to ban book about book …
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