A Charles Dickens Death Chart

death by Dickens InfoGraphicJust how cruel was Charles Dickens to his characters?

Thanks to this handy graphic by Melissa Symanczyk we can now follow death through his major works. In all, 53 people and 2 dogs have succumbed to the ultimate end via Dickens’ hand.

Symanczyk even awards a prize for best death with the honors going to the spontaneous human combustion event in Bleak House.

The two deadliest? Bleak House & David Copperfield with seven fatalities in each.

bleak house First Edition of Bleak House, in the original 20-in-19 monthly serial parts that were issued from March 1852 through September 1853 .

david copperfieldFirst Edition of David Copperfield,  in the original serial parts, issued monthly beginning in May 1849 and ending (with a double number) in November 1850.



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