From Tablet to Tablet: A short history of reading


This infographic comes to us via ebookfriendly.

Looks pleasing though not sure about the Weights and Measures graphic for what does it have to do with reading . Beside,  I haven’t seen anyone (except a breed of bookseller) carrying around 30+ books in their hands on a regular basis.

Also wonder about how green e-reading is in the long run –  the graph gives us a 4 year comparison – then what – in all likelihood within 4 years you will be reading on a new device – I have numerous books that over 100 years old in my library – What are the odds my e-reader will still function in 100 years? How many devices will I have read on and  discarded in that time? Where did they all go and at what environmental cost?

Oh and I have books both in my house and on my e-reader that I will probably never get to.

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